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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 02

So close....I know my heart was also pumping as fast as possible. Haruna X Rito end anyone?

Summary: The 4th part of Motto To-Love-Ru starts off with a bunch of items belonging to Lala are scattered throughout the school hall. Kotegawa scolds Lala to pick up all her mysterious items. Haruna picks up one of the mysterious objects out of interest. Rito stops her from fiddling with the seemingly harmless object. Haruna gives the item to Rito, but when he touches the device, Haruna and Rito transport to a secluded dark place without their clothes on. (How is that to start an episode?)

Rito and Haruna both face back to back at each other to prevent sight. Rito attempts to apologize to Haruna. Haruna grabs Rito’s hand. Rito looks back to assure Haruna the situation is okay as long as he is here, however his eyes start to adapt to the darkness allowing him to see Haruna’s body. Rito backs up to a wall, and finds a sheet of cloth he proposes for them to wear, but a clump of boxes falls down and scares Haruna. Being startled she held’s onto Rito’s body with Rito feeling her breasts. Rito tries to calm down as Haruna spots a door, but they cannot open it. Rito and Haruna forced to wait for Lala to find them. Lala and Kotegawa both look to find Rito and Haruna with Lala’s Tracker dog version 2, but that only bites at Kotegawa’s panties. Rito once again tries to apologize to Sairenji, and she accepts. Haruna starts thinking of why she is not afraid anymore and Rito wonders how he can find a way to calm himself down. Rito asks about Haruna’s family. Haruna only lives with her sister because her parents moved due to works reasons. Rito admits that he has a different family with his Dad being a manga artist and his mom working overseas. Haruna admits that their parents get along well. Haruna tells Rito she wants to find a person they could trust and both of their hearts start beating fast. Rito thinks of Lala at the last minute as Mikado-sensei opens the door. Lala and Kotegawa both find them immediately after. Kotegawa yells at them to put on their clothes. Haruna shouts that it was all a misunderstanding to Mikado-sensei.
Isn't this a lustful sight? On another note, her character I believe was only shown in this chapter ONLY. I hope returns!
The 5th part starts as Mikan is walking home from school. Her friends ask if she will like to hang out, but she duly declines saying she has a parent meeting. Her dad calls on the phone and says he has a deadline and will not arrive to meeting. Mikan does not want to cancel the meeting due to how it will give hassle to the teacher who rescheduled it multiple times. Lala comes up with a foolish idea. The teacher arrives at Mikan’s house all excited, because she will be meeting with Mikan’s father, Yuuki Saibi, who she is a big fan. She even has a manga book that she wants him to sign. She rings the bell and Rito with makeup on comes to greet her. The teacher believes him to be Saibi, and they sit at the living room. Mikan’s teacher wonders why a pink girl is there. Lala replies and says she is Saibi’s lover, but Mikan covers her mouth not allowing her to say no more. Rito tries to say a few words, but he is too nervous. Nonetheless, the teacher replies back normally. Lala goes to figure out something leaving Mikan, Rito, and the teacher alone. The teacher then shows her manga book she wants Saibi to sign. Rito built up with so much pressure, accidentally signs the front of her shirt. They leave the teacher alone, and Lala comes back with a serum to help make Riito less stress. Rito starts acting weirdly. He goes to the teacher and pulls off her inner shirt revealing her bra with Rito falling asleep. Mikan tries to wake up Rito, but he pulls off her pants. The next morning, her teachers encourage Mikan to keep fighting.
Rito you cannot escape now, so try to live it to the fullest
In the 6th part, Lala and Rito go to invite Yami for Hot Pot, but she nods her head. Rito tells Lala that Yami would not have accepted, but then Yami suddenly agrees. The two then invite Haruna to the Hot Pot and she agrees as well. At Rito’s house, Mikan, Yami, Celine, Sairenji, Lala and Rito jointly feast on Hot Pot. Lala comments Nana and Momo’s absence telling they that went back to Deviluke, because of their father having forced them. Mikan asks of Yami’s powers, but she says her powers are a curse that harms others. Lala wants Yami to cut the tofu, and she does so easily. Rito and Haruna bluntly speak says that they are useful. After they finish eating, Haruna wants to leave. However, Lala, and Mikan suggest that Yami and Haruna stay for tonight. They agree. Later, Rito daydreams of Sairenji coming to sleep with him. Lala proposes that all of them take a bath together. Lala solves the problem of space with her special device that enlarges the bathtub to hot-spring size. Rito is startled and immediately hides to avoid the girls. The girls begin to wash themselves as Rito hold his breath underwater to avoid the girls spotting him. When the girls dip into the bath, Rito finds a chance to escape, but Peke turns off the switch enlarging the bathtub revealing Rito with the girls. Yami who is angry, mercilessly punishes Rito as Peke decides to bring out the beds.     

Impressions: Remember when I said I would not make a summary? Well, I did and I feel I had to, because this was an awesome episode. It placed all of the chapters into lovingly anime format and was loyal all the way. Like Ika Musume, they are going for the 3-chapter-format. All the chapters had their charm and a plentiful supply of fanservice. The chapter with Mikan’s teacher and Yami going to eat Hot Pot were not my most favourite chapters, but they certainly made them very exciting to watch. The first chapter, which they started with, had me hooked on to it like glue. Rito and Haruna naked in a dark room, what more can you want! This made for some serious character development.

Now, with how I like the show is going, I would like to admit I hope some episodes will not be manga based. It would make for some good things that I was not expecting, plus an actually ending to the series. The teacher who was in this chapter only showed up in this chapter in the manga and we never saw her again! Why would you introduce us to a character like that! Plus, Nana and Mom were not here, so what is going on? I guess they are saving them for a later episode, but I do not think they had a major arc after they were introduced. I most likely expect to have a certain black cat come to the show as well, if you catch my drift..........


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