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MM! - Episode 01

I am definitely going to blog about this one. The only thing though, I prefer that I shouldn't write a summary about. It just would set off a lot of criticism and give a bad impression on this anime.

Summary: I serious don't want to summarize this one. Not because I'm lazy, but how insane the story goes and I'll ruin the ending. Although I hope people actually watch this episode first before reading this.

Impressions: I know a lot of people who get turned off from these kind of shows, particularly because they get stupid and repetitive at times with their pure fanservice rather than plot screen stuff that moves forward. I know how it feels (Kanokon, Lady vs Butler). Although I've since learned to like these kind of shows and just sit back and let go of my very plot focused self (I'll get to a plot focus anime soon, I hope...). Since many people don't like these shows and don't want anything to do about them, I think I can get away with saying how much I enjoyed it. Fukuyama Jun plays the main star Sado Taro, as a masochist who  is trying to get rid of his MM self. He seeks help from the president of the Second Volunteer club Isurugi Mio and through out the episode we get many outrageous moments plus the pure herione star Yuno Arashiko  who gets disgusted by it. Some cross-dressing male friend that Sado has and a nurse who just want to torture Sado if he does anything to Yuno. That is just a great joy to watch and I hope it will continue to be a good comedic show, because I will be blogging it (In a non-serious fashion). Oh, did I mention he had an incest little sister and an incest mother? (They weren't shown much in this episode, but I hope they will have an episode of their own)      

Expectations and Predictions: This will be just a good old fashion fanservice heavy, crazy situations , Japanese comedic anime. Thats all I have to say. I predict there will be some kind of love triangle between the two main heroines and Sado.

P.S I am trying to find my style of blogging, so there will be something different in each blog post from now until November. Once again I hope you enjoyed this post and catch all of my mistakes, which I'm sure there are tons of.    


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