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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 03

Whoohooo! Loop hole For the Wind!
Summary: Lag cannot think of anything to write for Gauche for his red shindan. While Lag delivers a letter to a customer, the customer, Ray Attlee wants him to find out whom the person that is sending her paintings of her hometown coloured in Hydrangea. Niche suggest shooting the painting, but Lag does not want to invade some one’s privacy (*BS!!!).Lag looks all over the place. The watermark clue was no help at all, but the colour, Hydrangea, is a very rare colour made by a plant not found in town. Eventually when Lag is about to give up, he finds the maid Kimidori picking out the flowers used to make Hydrangea in the garden. Lag shouts out to her saying she is the culprit and they talk for a moment. Kimidori does not want her mistress to know that it is her sending the paintings, and Lag promises not to tell, all the while the older maid Colbasso overhears on the situation. Later, Lag sees Colbasso is taking credit for the paintings. Lag promising not to say anything, shoots a red shindan instead to display the flashback. At the garden, Ray cries at the sight of her long lost friend and they both hug each other, with Kimidori crying as well. Lag finally decides to draw something in the letter bullet, but he finds out he is an absolute amateur, so he starts thinking of something else. At the streets of the town, Colbasso curse Lag and one day hopes to repay him back.

Impressions: Ah, the good old flashback monotone displayer is back again. For a second there, I thought “What the hell? You have been shooting everything to find out the truth for the past 25 episodes and now you say it will invade someone’s privacy? That is horse $%*&!” so I was glad he shot the painting when it was really needed. Maybe they were thinking it would end the episode too quickly. Anyways, the episode itself was an episodic one, not feeding my needs at all, but it was one of the best so far. The ending was a touching one following up with a well thought out back-story. It was not too touching to make me cry, but was very satisfying when the older maid tried to take all the benefits out of it, and Lag saying it is wrong, so he shoots the painting. I guess we will have many stories that are more episodic later on, but I hope that they will be as great as this one.

P.S: YES! Jiggy Pepper is finally moving out! He looks cool, his goggles are cool, his scar is cool, and his bike is cool. I cannot wait how his gun works.  It will probably be cool as well.


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