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Fortune Arterial - Episode 01

Oh hello thank you for welcoming me

So the anime starts off with a bird flying over a train as our protagonist, Hasekura Kohei waits for his new school life. He arrives to Shuchikan academy and there, he meets the lady above, Sendo Erika who is vice president of the academy.

"Get away from me!", but....what did I do?

She runs off for some reasome and we are introduced to another character, Hachimandaira Tsukasa.
Not you too, right?

After that, Tsukasa shows him his dorms and where he'll be staying when suddenly he is hit on the head by a girl. The girl and her sister try to wake him up.
Oh, you know me? Your cute, let me try to remember you two.
Kohei goes into flashback and looks at all the silhouettes of the people he met before. He remembers them as Yuki Haruna and her sister Kanade .
Wait... What!? How are you two even cuter than you are now!?
 After that, the sisters give him a map in which he needs to take pictures of every location before the opening ceremony (108!). In the garden he meets Togi Shiro and the Sister Amaike, who hits people with a frying pan, or so Tsukasa says. 
To be honest, I like their rabbit, Yukimaru too
Next, Shiro shows him to Pandemonium (The school academy building where the student council works).
There they meet Shiro's brother Togi Seiichiro the treasurer, and the president Sendo Iori who is brother of Sendo Erika. Iori seems to want to help her sister and Kohei's relationship by letting Kohei into the womens bath (Not going to show a picture).

Next after being punished, Kohei apologizes to her (or wants to apologize) to his friends, but Erika overhears it in secret. Next when Kohei and Tsukasa walk up to their dorms, she invites Kohei to the  Zelkova tree, a place where a lot of couples confess their love.  
What is she thinking? Her face almost gains more attention then the things below.
While going to the tree he hears a voice. He goes to check out the chapel and starts to take a picture. When suddenly a vampire appears sucking someones blood.
Okay, wow didn't see this one coming. I totally thought he was into guys!
Impressions: Okay, I should definitely admit I wasn't able to keep my eyes off the animation. Zexcs did some good stuff. Oh the episode! It seems to be a mixed with a high school anime and some vampire one like Vampire Knight. I didn't like Vampire Knight, but I can say this has some positive views for me. It is mostly school life, but that hides its dark side.... All in its an interesting show. I'll love to blog this one for sure.

Expectations and Predictions: Hopefully it won't be "Vampire Knight" or "Dance in the Vampire Bud". I'll love it to be something like Rosario Vampire. I don't  think Haruna sisters, particularly Yuki and maybe Erika.  

Worst of all! She got stood up! GRRRRRRRRRRRR..............



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