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Anime Fall Season Coverage Line Up, 2010

Well that certainly was a handful. I had given about fifteen anime shows this season a chance to proof their worth to me, and they blown my expectations wide open. Many were spectacular and made a strong showing throughout, or in certain episodes. Most of the shows had episode three being the best. Some shows went and did the strong showing with a good episode one. Certain shows were not really making bang first off, but the pace in them were good, and it meant I would not have had to sit through 10 episode before I had scene some well thought out stuff. The major good thing a number of theses new anime shows had was the new format, mainly omnibus or the 3 chapter per episode, and I liked them. I was refreshing, and made for some good speculations with what I was going  to see next. Finally I saw no drop in animations in all 4 episodes of every show, although that is in terms of how I interpret my animation quality. Some were high class production that amped in and still look nice throughout or even better maybe while others had their own sort of animation style. Now I know how many just do not like certain anime styles, and I agree, but when become fond of it, you will find no drop at all. Rarely do I see shows with their own custom animation drop.  Now I had said before that it was a great time to start up a blog in the fall season, because of the many good shows coming out, it turns out it backfired on me since there were TOO many truly outstanding ones to begin picking off for blogging.

The fall season is about a fourth done and it was a certainly a great joy seeing all these shows revealing their contents and letting me analyze where they are headed in plot wise. To be honest, there were a few more shows that could've been added, but I would have  had about 24 more shows blogged , and ultimately become ridiculously late on series post. I just chose some that I thought were appealing to me and would give me a delight in blogging about them.Twenty-four shows would've definitely overtake my real life time and I just could not let that happen. I even planned to start blogging 5-8 shows immediately, and only give a one episode introduction to some shows I will not blog them, but decided I would make a better decision if I had made 4 episodes worth of first impressions. I had almost gone over my limit, so that was a mistake I expressively would not like to make again. 

This list was extremely hard to think about. I had only dropped four or five shows dropped before I had to compare their worth to each other. Believe me, if I can blog all these shows, I would, but I spent the last month in a time constraint with handling so many shows at once. I was about to hit my limit, or the worst case scenario, completely drop this entire blogging project I worked on.

So without further or-do: 
These are the top shows this season, these here showed either potential, some mild excitement in me, is a joy to watch or blog, and I feel would to be good to see it through to the end.MM!, Index season II, and Fortune Arterial (it has been so long since I am watching a somewhat decent vampire anime).

Blogging these are just my personal perspective. I find them somewhat enjoyable despite what people may say. I find them exciting, but with a few problems. I have many thoughts I want to share with you viewers on these ones. Oreimo (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai), Otome Yokai Zakuro, and To Love-Ru

With these, they good but as good. They were surprisingly entertaining, so I hope they keep it up

Now the last two are the ones that barely made it.

Letter Bee, and Star Driver. I find them with much potential, but have a high chance that they will fall on a somewhat boring episodes, and many bad things to come of them.

ALRIGHT! Now what happened to the other shows!? Why did I pick those 8 instead of the the other 6 shows?
I find this show to very good, in fact with great production quality and story, I find this one to be the top of tier. Why am I not blogging it then? I already somewhat most of the episode stories from the manga , so there really be nothing to talk about except the animation quality, how I thought the transition to anime felt, and comparing the manga with the anime.

Panty and Stocking, and Garterbelt start off with a good opening episode, but from there on, there was a bunch of profanity, slapstick humour, and sex innuendo jokes that seemed endless. I like Panty and Stocking no offence, but I think that it is not exciting as all the other shows. I wish there will be more pole dance episodes though.

I liked it. It was way better than the first season, but the does not mean that it could go any further with the plot. Many, many perverted jokes, lots of fanservice and chibi Tomoki are suited to come. The stories however died down from outrageousness, and I like it. However Astraea was a character that did not amp up the show much, and rather just made it the same. This basically suffers from stale and repetitive.

The show is great. That is, if you like the omnibus format. However I do not. The reason being is that it takes away from the excitement and curiosity of romance shows. I love thinking who he is about to end up with, and how I can analyze to predict who it is. Sometimes I come out surprised and shocked. While I do not hate it, I know what is going to happen, and that makes it boring for when I know he is going to end up with. The excitement and joy are gone when they have this kind of formated show.

Now this one to be honest was the easiest to knock down. It follows the manga very uniformly. I already know what is going to happen, and frankly do not like it overall. I personally dropped this manga about 4 times. The only thing keeping my interest is when it will become exciting, only to be faulted and disappointed. Seriously, I do not even feel like watching it.

This show had a big fight with Zakuro, Star Driver, and Letter Bee. Seriously, it is dark and underestimated. Totally my kind of show. Why am I not blogging it. I can`t really say, and right now my brain is still having an internal struggle with this and the others. I just ultimately think I would keep on underestimating this show and lose focus. It is the show that is at fault, but myself........................

Damn, what a hard one..... I really, really, really, want to blog this. This had an ultimate fight with Oreimo, To Love-Ru, Fortune Arterial, MM!, and Index.... I say the only reason why I am not blogging is because the post are somewhat boring to do.

*Expect this one to get updated on its status

And there we have it folks. One hard ass time, yet rewarding in every manor. While I really am exhausted and relieved, the moral in me expected more. This is my first time blogging, and I am starting to agree the difficulty in them. Just so many shows. Plus, the shows here are going to flow right into to the Winter Season what am I going to do!? Only time will tell.............................

P.S: One thing I did not decided on, was my blogging style. I really do not find any kind of blogging comfortable, so maybe I will put variety on the posts.


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