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Manga: Should I blog about it?

In terms of appearance. This site is meant for anime only. Although I have considered the fact of blogging manga at times. The only problems are.....

Time: There should be a short gap between me and time, but since this will be a daily thing I don't like to ensure people that I will be staying here once the manga is over. I really don't know if I will be blogging for over three months. I can only promise you guys three months (a season) but then that will be the time whether I decide to continues blogging or not.
Manga I like: There are tons of manga I like, which one should I blog about? There certainly isn't a manga that catches my interest on blogging about it daily, so I really don't know.

I like manga, but with only a chapter a week I don't really know what the average amount of words I'll be writing. I can only say the only manga on my mind would be Good Ending (GE) or Beelzebub.


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